FCFP Pre-Game Inspection: Mar 16 at KW Titans

FCFP Pre-Game Inspection: Mar 16 at KW Titans

1: Strong Wins with the Chance to Improve

So far this month the Lightning have played two games, and the team has gotten away from what they were doing in February during the peak of their win streak. The good thing is that the team is still winning games and against good competition. London will need to get back to how they were playing before to reach their full potential by bringing back up are their assists, 3 point percentage, and steals. The ball movement the Lightning has had for most of the win streak was uncanny, tallying over 30 assists five times but the past two games have seen the number drop to 24 and 19. The Bolts three-point percentage in February was over 40, but it has dropped to just above 30. Lastly, the steal numbers as a team have dropped by 2.5, which may not seem significant but a big part of the team's play was forcing turnovers so it will have an impact on how the games finish. London is still winning and doing it with reverting more to the play they had before the win streak is impressive because of they have done it against strong competition, but they will need to improve to where they were before to do some damage moving forward

2: Sixth Men

The bench for the Lightning has been one of the best parts of the team over the past two games. They have averaged 52 points per game which is almost half of the average points scored for the team total at 107. It is a spread out effort also with players like Xavier Moon, Kirk Williams Jr, AJ Gaines, and Alex Johnson all getting touches and capitalizing on them. Gaines and Williams Jr have been the higher scorers with both averaging 17 and 16 points per game. The bench collectively has shot 47% from the field as well, being efficient in their scoring. The team has many players that are capable scorers, so there are chances for different players to have big nights points-wise.

3: Where to Watch

The Lightning are out to KW for tonight's game against the Titans, so you can follow the team by coming out to the game on the road or by streaming the game on NBLC Live through this link here. https://nblclive.ca/, The team, will be back home for their final game of the season on March 31st.