FCFP Pre-Game Inspection: Mar 13 vs Express

FCFP Pre-Game Inspection: Mar 13 vs Express

1: Hard Fought Victory

The Lightning had a close game against the Hurricanes last Thursday night that almost cost them a win and their seven-game winning streak. The Lightning were leading the entire game and at one point had a pretty substantial lead with at least 20 points that looked like another runaway game for the Bolts. However, Halifax fought back it in cutting it to just an 8 point lead by the end of the third and even smaller close to the end of the fourth. Once it got down to the wire, each team was trading baskets, and it looked like the game would not end in regulation. The Lightning managed to put it up 100 to 98, but the referees called a foul on London with .3 seconds left that send the Hurricanes to the line. They hit the first but missed the seconds sealing the victory for the Bolts.

2: 5 Games left

The Lightning have played 35 games this season meaning there are only five left until playoffs. The Lightning with thanks to their recent push, have brought themselves into a more stable position for playoffs sitting in second place in the division and three games above .500. There is still a chance for the squad to move up to first place also depending on how the Edge play in their upcoming games. All the games for London will be big as they are all against divisional teams that are looking to stack up more wins for their playoff pushes. The Lightning will need more of what they had for the first six games of their win streak, coming out with unmatchable energy and playing together as a team on both sides of the ball.

3: Where to watch

London is on the road tonight but in Windsor so if you can make out for a road trip the team would love your support. If you can't make it to Windsor but still want to cheer on the team, you can stream the game on NBLC Live through this link here https://nblclive.ca/ so you do not miss out on any Lightning action!