FCFP Pre-Game Inspection: Mar 7th VS Halifax Hurricanes

FCFP Pre-Game Inspection: Mar 7th VS Halifax Hurricanes

1: We are back!

The London Lightning have had two weeks since their last game against the St. Johns Edge to not only have a break to relax and recover from the season so far but to also involve themselves in the community in London and prepare for their upcoming game against the Hurricanes. The team has been on a hot streak in February as most people already know. They have won six straight games all coming against their division rivals and even defeating the Windsor Express and KW Titans twice in that stretch. This streak has done wonders for the Lightning, as the team was last in the division with a 12 and 16 record, looking like playoffs were out of reach. It all looked even worse after London's crushing defeat at the hands of the Express where the team lost by over 30 points. It all looked like it was crashing down for the Bolts but they fought through the adversity, changed their style, and did not give up, and it worked. London has fought and clawed their way back up the standings, and it has brought them up to being tied for second in the division and creeping up on first place.

 2: The Rivalry Continues

Halifax and London have been the two top franchises in the NBLC since its inception. Both organizations have been to the league finals five times, and they have faced each other four out of those five times. In the final series, the Lightning has had the upper hand winning the gold three times. The similarities between the two teams have carried over into this season as well, with both having close to the same number of victories, Hurricanes 19 and Lightning 18, but also going on winning streaks in February that were very alike, Halifax ended at seven straight, and the Lightning are still riding theirs, sitting at six straight. Halifax has taken down the Lightning in both contests this season, but with the Lightning are playing their best brand of basketball, and the team is looking to give it their all to pull out another victory

3: Where to Watch

Budweiser Gardens! The team is at home once again tonight before heading out on a four-game road trip, so come out to the arena and cheer the team on live! For tickets follow this link here https://bit.ly/2EPR8c2 . If you cannot make it out tonight but still want to watch the game, you can, by streaming it through NBLC Live at this link here https://nblclive.ca