FCFP Pre-Game Inspection: Feb.6 at Express

FCFP Pre-Game Inspection: Feb.6 at Express

1: Chance to move up the Standings

The London Lightning will roll into Windosr tonight, against the Express who are 2nd in the Central Division standings at 13-10. The Lightning have had a tough run as of late losing very close games multiple times the past couple weeks and that has brought them to last place in the division at 12-15. With several games still left against Windsor this season, it will give the Lightning a lot of opportunities to make moves up the standings and hopefully to the playoffs. The Lightning went 1 and 2 out east last week but could have very well won all 3 games because they were leading most of each game and all finished very close. They have been playing strong they just lose their momentum in one quarter and then they are playing catch-up. If the Bolts can play well enough all the way through each game they will be able to lock down more victories moving forward.

2: Kevin is Ware its At
Kevin Ware since returning from injury on January 26th has been great for the Lightning, being a primary ballhanlder and a consistent all around player. In the past 5 games sine his return he has also been a great and efficient scorer with 13 points/game on 51% shooting from the field, as well as shooting 53% from deep on 3.4 attempts. He also showed a lot of hustle and strength grabbing almost 7 rebounds/game and 1 steal per game over that time. He also has averaged 3.4 assists per game moving ther ball around well and keeping the motion and ball movement of the offense going well. He has been a key player since his return and the Lightning will need him to keep performing well if they want to bring in some wins coming up

3: Where to watch and Upcoming Games

This is the last road game until March for the Lightning so if you want to follow the game you can watch it on NBLC Live through this link https://nblclive.ca/. The Lightning have 7 straight home games coming up so see which ones work best for your schedule and come on out to Budwesier Gardens to cheer them on in person!