FCFP Pre-Game Inspecation: Jan 27. vs Five

FCFP Pre-Game Inspecation: Jan 27. vs Five

1: Previous Game Against the FIVE

The London Lightning will matchup tonight with the Sudbury FIVE, at Budweiser Gardens, for their 6th game against eachother this season. So far against the FIVE this season the Lightning have gone 3 and 2 so we are hoping to continue to increase that gap between us this afternoon. The last game against the FIVE the Bolts were able to pull out a victory 100-93, in a game that was close all the way until the end. We had an all around strong game against them but we will need to focus more on the boards and keeping them off the free throw line. They grabbed 18 more rebounds in the previous game which is a large difference so the Lightning will need to keep them off the boards. The game was also filled with a lot of foul calls as shown by the number of free throws each team had; however, the FIVE shot 81% from the stripe so keeping them off  is a big way to keep them from scoring. London is looking to keep the momentum going from last nights victory against the Storm.

2: Defensive Anchors

In their game against eachother, Marvin Phillips and Mo Bolden were a big part of the Lightning's defense and all around game. Marvin had 4 blocks and 1 steal in 24 minutes of action, and Mo had 2 blocks and 2 steals, bringing a precense to the team that encouraged all of their teammates. The team had 11 blocks and 12 steals collectively and keeping the FIVE to a low field goal percentage of 38%. The Bolts are a strong defensive unit that feeds off the energy of their teammates. Lets keep up the strong effort and hustle and keep the FIVE trailing for todays game too!

3: Where to Watch:

To catch all of the action tonight on NBLC live – click here.