Saidat is a motivational speaker who inspires, motivates and empowers individuals by her selfless commitment to help build a better community, one community at a time. In the past 8 years, Saidat has been to over 800 schools and community events. On a weekly basis she speaks to over 1,000 students with her dynamic assemblies and full day presentations. Not only does Saidat speak out to children, she speaks to adults as well covering subjects like bullying, self-esteem, team building, compassion, and friendships. She leads a very strong message, from the heart, that One person can make a difference. Together we can change the world!

Saidat is an incredible high-energy entertainer who uses rap, hip-hop dance, and drama to bring across the message that One person can make a difference, Together we can change the world!

She created her program called Music, Movement & Motivation to eliminate bullying and help empower students, teaching them about their inner strength and how they can withstand any problems that come their way. Her program also inspires students to be the ONE person that can affect change in their home, school and world around them; through original songs, fun dance moves and high energy interaction with the audience.

Combining music, drama, dance, and speaking, the Music, Movement and Motivation program brings a message to young people in a positive and uplifting atmosphere, while encouraging students to put aside their differences and unite against the social issues that face them every day.

The London Lightning is proud to partner with Saidat - our official anti-bullying advocate. To learn more about Saidat, please visit

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