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Kids Kicking Cancer (KKC) is an inter-national charitable organization (Italy, New York, California, Florida, Isreal, and now Canada) which provides martial arts classes for children diagnosed with cancer. This innovative program merges modern integrative medicine with the mind-body techniques of martial arts. The program has had tremendous results in helping to ease the pain of very sick children and in aiding healing through the empowering focus of the martial arts in a sensitive and supportive environment. Trained black belt martial artists teach breathing, visualization and relaxation techniques, in addition to traditional martial arts moves to help empower the children and provide them with a sense of power, peace and purpose. The techniques help to ease pain, boost self-confidence and give kids the strength to fight back. It has had immense success, enabling children to feel at peace without the help of additional pain medications. Through the KKC organization, martial arts classes, support during hospital and clinic procedures, uniforms and transportation to and from classes are provided to families at no cost.

Our Mission is "to ease the pain of very sick children while empowering them to heal physically, spiritually and emotionally".

The Canadian program, focused in London for now, originated last year and has put together an infrastructure that has started delivering classes at the Children's Hospital - LHSC. The hospital program is currently funded by Prusty 4 Kids. NHL player Brandon Prust has raised funds for this program through his fundraising golf tournaments held in 2012 and 2014.

With the support from Prusty 4 Kids, KKC's goal is to reach up to 400 children a year in the hospital environment in London. Although KKC's initial focus has been on children diagnosed with cancer, due to the success this program has with chronic pain management, the program will also be offered to any child in pain from a serious illness.

2014/15 Outpatient Program at the Official Lightning Gym

This year KKC are developing weekly programs in facilities outside the hospital to service outpatients and patients in remission, as well as their siblings. The last place a sick child wants to go is back to the hospital where they received painful treatments. These sessions outside the hospital allows the children to enjoy the benefits of the Kids Kicking Cancer program with the support of their family on a regular and consistent basis.

To deliver the Outpatient Program, the London Lightning has provided the Official Lightning Gym as a community facility in order to provide evening classes to these pediatric patients.

To find out more about Kids Kicking Cancer, or to donate to this important cause, please visit:

The London Lightning is proud to partner with Kids Kicking Cancer.

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